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Interested in joining Delta Tau Delta? If so, you are about to make one of the best decisions of your life. Being in a Fraternity can define your undergraduate experience giving you the training, responsibility, real-world experience and networking that is necessary to prepare you for your time after college. The life lessons you learn as a part of Delta Tau Delta really do make for the best four years you could imagine. If you believe Truth Courage Faith and Power could mean something to you, contact our recruitment chairs and get to know Gamma Pi. Listed below are some brief descriptions of events, practices and other experiences you might encounter as a Gamma Pi Delt.



The members of Delta Tau Delta hold academics in the highest regard.  Our members understand that they are in college to get good grades and develop life skills that will provide them with better opportunities after graduation.  With that being said our fraternity is consistently above the Greek active member average and all university undergraduate average.  Delta Tau Delta currently achieves an average 3.20 Grade Point Average which can compare to the All Men’s Undergraduate Average which was a 2.88. Members in our fraternity receive free tutoring, free printing and can participate in our academics program. Our academics program can vary from year to year depending on the Academic Officer in charge, however, it usually consists of study tables, a mentor program and weekly study hours. Also, ask out recruitment chairs about our Study File collection!



Delta Tau Delta is an entirely student-run organization. This means our members pay their bills, clean and organize the shelter, plan and execute philanthropy events, run meetings, etc. Our programming has led many of our members to not only seek leadership positions in the house, but on campus as well. This year we have two members who hold positions on the 12 member Iowa State Inter-Fraternity Council which governs all the fraternities and hold a strong communication with the University. These individuals hold the positions of Risk Management and President. In Blood Drive, as well as countless other organizations, you can find Delta Tau Delta members in leadership and participating roles. For three consecutive years now a member of Delta Tau Delta has served as the Director of the Spring and Fall blood drives at Iowa State. Delta Tau Delta’s Executive and Administrative Committees also make for excellent leadership positions. Ask our recruitment chair for more information about these committees!


Going Greek creates so many leadership opportunities that will help you develop the skills necessary to get that big-time internship or quality career. Along with opportunities on campus, our national organization holds several leadership development seminars throughout the year.



Students that join Delta Tau Delta have an immediate connection with over 100 other members that are always willing to lend a helping hand.  Although 100 sounds like a daunting number, our members strengthen their friendship with their brothers through all of our involvements and fun brotherhood events. Not only are our new members instantly connected with members at Iowa State, but they also have a connection with over 7,000 undergraduate members and nearly 100,000 Delt alumni across the nation.


Social Life

Joining Delts not only means an instant connection with Brothers and Alumni across the nation, but it also means an instant connection with other members of the Greek community.  Whether it be socials with sorority houses, working on lawn display with your homecoming pairing, or dinner exchanges with other fraternities/sororities, our social fraternity offers plenty of opportunities to have fun and meet new people.



Unfortunately, movies like Animal House and American Pie Beta House portray Greek Life in a negative light and completely avoid all of the positive aspects of joining a Greek chapter.  One of the most important opportunities our members have to get involved in are philanthropic events.  There is nothing more satisfying than giving back to the community and those in need.  Our fraternity participates in several philanthropy events throughout the year on top of the thousands of dollars raised and hours spent volunteering for Homecoming and Greek Week. We have two large philanthropy events, Delts Guys Burgers and Fries in the Fall, and Dunkin Delts in the Spring. Both of these events help raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

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