History of Delta Tau Delta

Delta Tau Delta was founded in 1858 at Bethany College in present day West Virginia. Born of the knowledge that integrity is essential, the founding principles of Truth, Courage, Faith and Power have provided a guide for its membership. Since 1858 the Fraternity has spread to nearly 200 campuses with more than 116 active chapters and colonies comprised of about 6,000 undergraduate members. In 150 years more than 150,000 men have become members of Delta Tau Delta.


History of Gamma Pi Delts

On July 17, 1875, the Omega Chapter of Delta Tau Delta became the first Greek chapter established on the Iowa State University campus. After University President Beardshear banned fraternities in 1891, Delta Tau Delta went underground and was known as the Hawkeye Club. After the ban was lifted it did not take long before the Hawkeye Club was installed as the Gamma Pi Chapter of Delta Tau Delta on November 4, 1911. Ever since opening the door for others, Delta Tau Delta has been a strong leader on the Iowa State campus. Through participation in Greek events, philanthropies, and social events, Delts strive to be “committed to lives of excellence”.


Famous Gamma Pi Alumni of Delta Tau Delta

Henry A. Wallace (Iowa State University, 1910) Vice President of the United States (1941-45); U.S. Secretary of Agriculture (1933-40); U.S. Secretary of Commerce (1945-46)

C. Robert Brenton (Iowa State University, 1953) Chairman Brenton Banks

Porter Jarvis (Iowa State University, 1924) Chairman, President of Swift and Company (1955-67)

Gerald A. Kolschowsky (Iowa State University, 1961) Chairman OSI Industries

C. Richard Stark (Iowa State University, 1971) Chairman First American Banks, President of Iowa Commodities,

Ltd. Mike Anderson (Iowa State University, 19  ) President of Ameritrade (1992-2002)